8 Week Plant-Based Program

The Thrive and Shine Whole-Foods, Plant-Based program is an 8 week guided 1-1 program to eat a healthier vegan diet and to look and feel amazing.

I work with you to transition to a whole foods, plant based lifestyle the healthy way. 

This is for you if:
* You would like to eat a plant based diet but don’t know how. 
* You still want to eat meat, but you know you want to add more plant foods into your diet.
* You are a vegan or vegetarian and don’t feel as vibrant as you would like to and need guidance on how to eat healthier.

I will take you through an 8 week step by step program on how to eat a healthy plant based lifestyle; what to eat, add in, cut out, food replacements, supplements and more. 

Gail Wicht Health Coach Life Coach

Back to Basics Program

Gail Wicht Health Coach Life Coach

Food and diet has been so complicated and we need to bring it back to basics. As tasty as some processed food can be, vegan or not, it has very little nutrients and is not what is going to help us thrive and live a vibrant life. 

I love to eat in a more natural way. It helped me to heal and to feel happy and confident again. I’ve also seen how it’s helped others to heal and I know it is possible for you too, so I have created this 3 month guided program to help you achieve the same.