My name is Gail and I am a certified holistic health coach and life coach. I work with men and women to improve their health and prevent illness, to create a healthy, positive relationship with food and their body, and to stop dieting once and for all.

I believe that no one needs to struggle in their bodies as we all have the capacity to lead a thriving life. There might be numerous different diets but your body knows what it needs best, and I will work with you to figure out what that is.

By changing to a holistic lifestyle with whole-foods, and finding balance in various different areas of my life, I managed to overcome my own set of health challenges. I am happy in my body and have the tools to overcome challenges.

The Thrive and Shine way is to educate and inspire you to nourish your body with whole foods, and to change your life for the better by finding what is keeping you stuck. I am really passionate about helping you heal yourself as I have done it and I know that you can do it too. The body, along with the mind is an incredible living system, and given the correct nourishment it will Thrive and Shine!

Health is the greatest of human blessings. - Hippocrates, 'Father of Medicine'

Health Coaching

I work with clients to improve their health and wellness and prevent illness. I will support and encourage you to achieve your wellness goals and transform your life.

Life Coaching

I work with clients in various areas of their life where they may feel stuck. These can include relationships, career, money, love, parenting, spirituality and more.

Wellness Programs

I offer 1:1 coaching programs to help you achieve your wellness goals. Choose from 3 month coaching and an 8 week whole-food, plant-based program.

Let Food be Thy Medicine

I believe that nature has provided all the resources we need to live an abundantly healthy life. I also believe that what you put on your body is as crucial to your health as what you put in, and who and what you surround yourself with will have an impact on your state of mind.

I focus on an holistic approach to life where I work with you on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being through Health and Life Coaching. 

Healing starts when you acknowledge that something needs to change and you take action. The first action step is seeking out help. 

  • I am getting so much better thanks! I don’t know how to thank you for all the help and advise! You are an angel!
    Lize S, Johannesburg
  • I have got to say that I've completely changed my entire lifestyle in the past year and I owe that to one special person and that's you!!!!
    Brad S, Milnerton

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