How Is Being Unwell Serving You?

Gail Wicht Health Coach Life Coach

Have you tried to heal your body of whatever ailment you are plagued with, only to revert back to being unwell again?

You just don’t seem to be able to get over it and move on? 

Do you offload to friends and family and perhaps even on forums about how bad, tired or ill you’re feeling? 

Do they give you a lot of attention and sympathize with you a lot? 

Have you actually become well and then you stopped getting attention from loved ones because they didn’t have to look after you any more?

What I want to ask you is; how is being unwell serving you? 

This may sound like a weird question to ask because I’m sure you would think that everyone would want to be well.
I thought so too but my first nutrition teacher said she had clients who would get well and then end up getting ill again. 
She realised that after her clients had healed they were not getting the attention from everyone anymore and reverted back to being unwell. They had an identity linked to their sickness. 

If this is you that is ok. 
Not everyone wants to be well.

There is a lot of uncertainty around being well, a life of unknown possibilities which can be scary. 

So what I would like to ask you now is, what need is being met when the people around you are giving you a lot of attention?

* Are you lonely and looking for some kind attention?
* Is there certainty in being ill? You always know what to expect in your day to day life such as pain and discomfort.
* Are you extra hard on yourself and have a lot of negative self talk? Being ill gives you the support and encouragement from others that you can’t give to yourself?
* If you were to be well would you have to work or change careers which is too scary for you? Would you have to ‘put yourself out there’ instead of hiding away from the world?
* Do you think that you will lose your friends if you stop eating and drinking and living their lifestyle?

Remember this is ok, we all go at our own pace in life. 

Ask yourself these questions:
* What need is being met by being unwell?
* How is being unwell serving me? 
* What do I need to give to myself instead of searching for it from others?
* Who would I be if I was well? How would I act, walk and talk? 
* What would my life look like if I were to be well again?
* What could I achieve if I was well and healthy?

Really dive into these questions. Write the answers out in your journal. 
Feel how it would feel to be well again. 
Feel the joy and success of life because you knew what you needed and you gave it to yourself.

I offer 1:1 individual sessions as well as 3 month and 6 months coaching programs should you wish to dive deeper into your health and wellness. 

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